How to not let anxiety affect your golf performance

Recently, i’ve had problem with anxiety, and it has taken a toll on my golf performance. I was  having trouble at work, which i resolved now, but at the time, it was causing the anxiety and i couldn’t relax even after i got home. I’ve had enough experience of playing golf to know that this is common among golfers. Lots of us have various forms of anxiety and depression at some point in our lives, and we know what it’s like. There’s also crippling fear that some golfers experience. So that’s what motivated me to write this post. Based on experience of myself and some of my friends, i’ll try to help people get over fear and anxiety to fully enjoy golfing.

What i found, is that the solution lies within the source of your anxiety. Sometimes problems keep piling up, and while they would be easy to solve one at a time, having to solve all these problems all at once can be crippling. Other times it’s money issues and work related problems, like in my case. To this, i think the best solution is to do something distracting. You need to take at least half hour off to think better and have fresh perspective on your problems and ways to solve them. For me, that is usually listening to music, reading newspaper, and eating my favorite chips, in that order. These distractions might be different for you, but they’ll have the same effect nonetheless. You can do these things before golf game, and it will be much easier to shut your mind off for a while and enjoy the game.

Other great method for lifting your spirits is to keep track of everything positive in your life. I saw this advice on some self-improvement blog, and unlike most things written on those blogs, it turned out to be useful. Whenever you notice something you have, an advantage or an asset that you didn’t value before, write it down somewhere and carry it with you. Looking at it will give you more positive perspective and motivation to keep at it. I take these notes in my smartphone, using Google Keep app.

A little bit of shopping can certainly help your anxiety, too. Getting good golf clubs and other accessories can certainly lift you up. It certainly works for me. But you shouldn’t take it to extreme, i would recommend just getting good golf balls. They’re cheap and still pretty uplifting as a purchase. I’ve recently bought Volvik balls for myself, and gotta say, i made the right choice. Check their review out yourself, if you’re interested.

It also goes without saying, that you shouldn’t try to solve all of your problems at once. Take one step at a time, and it will seem much easier.  If even one step is too much, break it down further into even smaller bites. Streamlining problem-solving like this will make it much less frustrating and will speed up the process.

And last, but not least – don’t be afraid to ask for help. Take advantage of connections you might have. For instance, one of your golf-course friends might be in a position to help you. If your anxieties are too severe, seeing a psychologist is also good idea. I know there’s stigma on men seeing psychiatrists, but once you try it, you’ll realize just how helpful they can be.

That’s all the advice i have to spare today. Hopefully it helped someone get through tough period in their lives.

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