Effects of alcohol and drugs on your golf game

Sometimes, when problems keep piling up and the pile is too high to keep count, you turn to alcohol and drugs for peace of mind. Drinks and drugs usually work, but only in the short term. In the long term, they damage your organism and sometimes can cause nasty addictions. Today, i want to discuss effects that alcohol and drugs can have on your golf game and life in general. By the way, i’m not talking about drinking casual beer on the golf course. That kind of drinking is never the problem. I’m talking about the kind of drinking that dramatically affects your golf game and even life outside the course. I’ve seen too many great golfers brought down because of drinking, so i know effects that alcohol can have on performance firsthand.

Stress usually causes your golf performance and scores to plummet. So does not having the best golf clubs you can have. Most important clubs are irons, i think, so that’s why i recommend getting game improvement irons, especially if  you’re beginner. This guide should be sufficient in helping you pick the clubs. Golf is game of precision and intelligence, and high levels of stress can harm both. That’s why some golfers turn to heavy drinking as solution. Even though we all agree that alcohol is not good for you, everyone knows that anyway, so instead of bashing your method of relaxation, i’ll try to think of different solutions to your problems. The kind of problems that can cause someone to drink, usually don’t go away by themselves. So my first advice would be to tackle the problems head on. Fully realize what exact problems you’re facing, and start breaking them down into easier steps so you can solve them one step at a time.

Taking on too much problems at once can be paralysing. We tend to worry about what might happen in the future, and possible dangers, and in addition to that, solving these problems seems too difficult and sometimes even useless. To get rid of that, i’d suggest to clear your mind by doing something you like, like watching your favorite series or reading newspaper. Once you’re done, just get started with one problem. Sometimes even getting started and doing one task out of hundred can be liberating of those fears.

No one can tell for sure how things will fit together in the future. Future might be much worse than you imagine, and in that case, working on problems now will make them easier to handle then. But it’s more likely that you might get deus-ex-machina type of help. It’s surprising how many times i’ve been in hopeless situation, and little help from friend or acquintance got me out of it. My point is, future has way too many fitting pieces to put together properly. Don’t focus on what will happen one month from today, focus on today.

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